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The Montana - a work of Art

The ProCura has been doing business in the real estates for more than 30 years now. One of the Calgary Downtown Condos is The Montana, which is a 27 story-building located on 15thAvenue SW, Calgary. 15 Avenue SW is located Calgary’s uptown district. The building comes with superb amenities including a full-service concierge. The architecture of this building is breath taking.

On the first floor you have the Olympia, which has an area of 860 square feet. It has one bedroom whose dimensions are 14’4” X 15’7”. The living area is 12’1” X 12’5” while the dining area is 15’10” X 13’. The kitchen is attached with the dining area.

On the second and third floor you have the Carlyle which has an area of 756 square feet. The dimensions of the bedroom are 11’6” X 12’. The living area and dining area combined is 14’6” X 12’while the den measures 7’4” X 6’. There is also a balcony.

From the 4thfloor to the 17thfloor you have the Cascade which is 677 square feet in area. The dimensions of the bedroom are 11’6” X 12’. Living and dining area combined is 14’7” X 12’. The den is smaller.

From the 10thto the 22ndfloor you have The Empire Penthouse which has an area ranging from 1355 square feet to 1410 square feet. It has two bedrooms. The dimensions of the smaller bedroom are 11’4” X 10’4”, while the dimensions of the larger bedroom are 11’6” X 11’3”. Living and dining area combined is 23’10” X 18’11”. There are two balconies, a walk-in closet, and an ensuite.

From the 19thto the 21stfloor you the Georgia Penthouse which has an area ranging from 1295 square feet to 1329 square feet. It has two bedrooms. The dimensions of the smaller bedroom are 11’4” X 12’6” while the dimensions of the larger bedroom are 13’6” X 13’6”. Living and dining area combined is 19’ X 18’10”. The den’s dimensions are 6’8” X 5’10”. There is one balcony and also an ensuite along with a walk-in closet.

On the 22ndfloor you have The Grand Penthouse which has an area ranging from 1175 square feet to 1209 square feet. There are two bedrooms. The dimensions of the smaller bedroom are 11’3” X 12’6” while the dimensions of the larger bedroom are 13’7” X 11’10”. Living and dining area combined is 21’3” X 14’3”. There is a balcony, a walk-in closet and an ensuite.

On the 23rdfloor you have The Edwards Estate which has an area ranging from 1883 square feet to 1891 square feet. It has two bedrooms. The dimensions of the smaller bedroom are 11’4” X 17’8” while the dimensions of the larger bedroom are 17 X 11’10”. The den’s dimensions are 10’4” X 5’6”. Living area and dining area dimensions are 24’11” X 18’8” and 11’ X 18’6” respectively. There is a walk-in closet, two ensuite, a powder room, and a balcony.

From the 25thto the 27thfloors you have The Nellie Estate which has an area ranging from 2496 square feet to 2511 square feet. There are three bedrooms. The dimensions of the two smaller bedrooms are 10’7” X 17’2” and 9’9” X 11’5” respectively. Bigger bedroom’s dimensions are 16’X 15’1”. The den’s dimensions are 11’4” X 12’1”. The dimensions of the living area are 10’8” X 20’5”. There is a powder room, three walk-in closets, four balconies and one ensuite. Dining area dimensions are 16’6” X 11’3”.

Among all the Calgary Downtown Condos the Montana can be easily described as one of the best.

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Stone Ridge Canmore - a place to relax

Prospect Developments (2003) Inc. was started by Garry Townsend. The company has built projects including Grizzly Ridge, Rundle Estates by the Bow, and Falcon Crest Resort. One of their projects is Stoneridge which is a four story condo.

The apartments are divided into one bedroom, one bedroom with den, two bedrooms, two bedrooms with den, and three bedrooms.
There are different layouts for each type of apartments. The one-bedroom has three layouts, one-bedroom with den has four layouts, two-bedroom has six different layouts, two-bedroom with den has four layouts, while three-bedroom has only layout. These different layouts are spread throughout the four floors.

During summer you can engage yourself in horseback riding, fishing, golf, camping, whitewater rafting/canoeing/kayaking, and hiking. During winter you can do ice climbing, cross country skiing, and snowboarding/skiing.

The amenities near this Canmore Condos are golf courses, skiing areas and parks. The golf courses that are near by are Stewart Creek Golf Course, Silvertip Golf Course, and Canmore Golf club. For skiing you can go to Fortress ski Hill, Sunshine Mountain Ski Hill, and Lake Louise Ski Hill. You can also visit the Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park, Kananaskis Country, and Banff National Park. Some of the amenities you can find in the courtyard are the exercise room, outdoor fire pit, hot tub, and the year-round swimming pool.

The various features of this Canmore Condos include the plumbing features, construction features, the various appliances, finishing features, bathroom features, typical floor assembly, parkade, corridor wall assembly, exterior finishes, demising walls and interior finishes.

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An Innovator in the Field of Fleet Tracking 

Imagine, as a business owner, you are responsible for the ordering and receiving of goods for your clients that are bound under a contract.  Those goods, be they an order of refrigerated food for a vendor, heavy equipment for a construction company, or live stock, travel a distance that is largely unmapped and untracked.  There is blind faith that the order will arrive undisturbed and on time.  When those orders are not received in a timely manner, as outlined under contractual obligations, a level of customer service is sacrificed at the cost of future business. 
Imagine now, as a business owner, you were in control of that fleet.  If the moment it left the warehouse you could track its every kilometre, if you could even set parameters for the driver of that fleet to adhere to and know with clarity that it would arrive unharmed and on time.  An above-and-beyond level of customer service adhered to is better for business and ensures more business growth by meeting contractual agreements.   

Safefreight has been in the business of GPS fleet tracking for over ten years with Transportation Management software that ensures their client’s goods are tracked, mapped and delivered securely and on time.  Safefrieght technology empowers their clients by equipping them with easy to use software that is linked to a tracking device installed on each fleet.  This tracking device enables their clients to see in live-time, where their product is at any given moment of its transport and allows for better estimated arrival times. 

Using cutting edge technology in fleet management software, Safefreight offers innovative services that meet a variety of business fleet management needs.  The web-based Smartfleet option allows clients total control over their fleet by seeing where their product is in live-time, with just the click of a mouse.  Easy-to-read yet Comprehensive vehicle reports increase driver safety, increase fuel efficiency by route-mapping, and ensure the client where there product is at all times.   

The client can also set alerts to know if anything should veer off map; idle time, if the truck should go off the tracked course, whether the driver’s insurance and license need to be renewed and if the vehicle is due for maintenance.   

This innovative fleet management software saves time and money for business, increases productivity and promotes driver safety.  Backed by a team of professionals and technical support Safefreight offers its clients cutting-edge GPS Transportation Management services.  If it is secure and fast enough for the 2010 Indy 500 and the Honda Indy Edmonton, which Safefreight is the Official Mobile Security Sponsor, imagine what this technology can do for your business.   

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A new age Realtor in Calgary

The task of selling or buying a house in the City of Calgary without a realtor can be quite daunting. Cam Sterns & Associates are one of the leading Calgary realtor in the city. Some of the adjectives used to describe the team in Cam Sterns & Associates are high performances and driven.

The team is lead by Cam Sterns, whose innovative marketing programs along with customer service and technology programs are some of the best in the Calgary real estate. The other members of the team are Lav Daskal, Tracey Walker, Jayme McHattie, and Gord Fowler. Once the client hands over the task to his team they can rest assured that it will be completed. The team has both the experience and the contacts to complete any task given to them.

The ideals that drive the team are performance, results, and making a difference.

The team believes in that in the end of the day delivering the goods is what matters. It does not matter whether you are selling a house or buying one, you can be assured that the team will bring in its highly effective negotiating skills and make sure that you reach the goals set by you. The team knows the complex and challenging nature of the real estate market. The most important thing for them is your satisfaction, not theirs.

Calgary realtor leads a team that believes in doing your best irrespective of whether it is sports or helping a client reach they goal. Their main aim is to exceed your expectations In order to do this they use both their knowledge of the market and experience in the business. They also provide the state-of-the-art service.

Cam Sterns’ team has realized the importance of the community they live in and role it plays in their lives. For them community is actually an extension of their own families, therefore they work hard to make a difference.


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